Feedback on chapter 7 of “There Is Still Time”

Chapter 6, of There Is Still Time, proposes steps humanity can take to set us on a path to a sustainable future. We have not done well along this line and cannot expect a rapid turnaround by most individuals, institutions and governments. However, there are those who will pitch in and do what they can.

Chapter 7 is addressed to them. It cites a number of things that individuals and organizations already committed to turning things around can do to improve their effectiveness. Readers are called upon to add ideas. This space provides this opportunity. It would be best to read this chapter to get an idea of what I am calling for. So if you have an idea or ideas, please add them here so that they can be viewed by others.

One thought on “Feedback on chapter 7 of “There Is Still Time”

  1. I believe in the ultimate wisdom of the biological body, refined over millions of years and equal to human cognition in discrimination, however minimized by our reasonable side. So, knowing mere hedonism destroys, what underlies all desires? I can only answer for myself but I’m not unusual. For quality-of-life my relationships are more important than anything. I invest in them, not the stock market. Putting my assets into relationships will prove critical when civilized systems fall to ashes. I listen to what my body needs; beauty, kindness, clean water–which comes from the sky, food–from the ground, richness–from books, meaningful work–from service. I live in the moment; thus “retirement” becomes meaningless. I try to make myself hard to kill, by being not invulnerable, but flexible like a sapling, able to weather anything. Were I to lose my worldly wealth to a global catastrophe I’m an arm’s-length from happiness, living on the ground, intimate with nature, surrounded by friends and tattered books; invulnerable not to death, but to unhappiness. Now try to kill a happy man!

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